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The Newberg Women's Christian Temperance Union Spirit of Activism

By Phyllis Kirkwood                A look into the minutes of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union Newberg Chapter from 1888, held in the archives of George Fox University, reveals a small but active group of ladies dedicated to educating the community about the evils of drinking.   Mrs. Haworth, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Hoskins were among these prohibition warriors who organized dinners, passed out literature, and monitored the polls.   Their influence may have helped to delay the advent of liquor sales in Newberg until the year 1966. Evangeline Martin, one of the members of the Newberg Women's Christian Temperance Union, with her Newberg Friends Church Sunday school class, including a young Herbert Hoover on the far right front row. Circa 1885. Photo courtesy of the George Fox University Archives .        The Superintendent of Press Work sent a weekly column to the newly- established Newberg Graphic. The Committee on the Band of Hope held meetings with childre